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What happens after the Blackberry flow?

by Ruhl Bee on 07/13/13

Now the Blackberry nectar flow is pretty much behind us, what is left for the bees to forage?  We will explore this over the next few weeks.  Of course, this is just a feeble excuse to take pictures of bees on flowers, but we just can't help it.  Honeybees love leeks. Part of the onion and garlic family,they make a fabulous source of forage if you let them go to seed. In the Willamette Valley, they overlap with the blackberry flow but are still going strong in July when the blackberry flow is in fast decline.  As you can see in the image (right), they are a beautiful addition to the garden.

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1. Kelly Jenkins Brickner said on 7/15/13 - 06:47PM
I ran across this because my neighbor, David Woodbury, has bees. But my dad used to spend lots of time with Ruhl Bee folks! His name was Jim Jenkins, and he loved his bees so! Thanks so much, Ruhl bee folks for being there for all of the bee keepers tyes. It pained dad to have to give up his bees when he got older, but he never stopped preaching the gospel of the love of bees and of beekeeping.
2. Brandi, Ruhl Bee Supply said on 7/18/13 - 11:51AM
Kelly, Thanks for the lovely comment! Happy to hear of your dad's passion for bees and that he passed his interest to you.

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