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Few beekeepers garner more respect in our book than 
Randy Oliver. He provides neccessary information for beekeepers

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Honey Bee Removal/Rescue Services

Our swarm list is a courtesy to beekeepers and the general public, and is maintained on an "as-we-can" basis. Ruhl Bee Supply provides this list as a free community service. We make no claims to the competency or professionalism of listed beekeepers, and are not liable for their services or conduct. 

Attention Beekeepers:  If you would like to be on the updated list, please e-mail with your information: Name, Phone # and County where you will be available to collect swarms.  It's okay to list more than one county. Please also indicate if you wish to be listed as a beekeeper who specializes in structural removal and if you are licensed, please provide your license #.  
                                                List was last updated: March, 2018

Honeybee Swarm                  Honeybee Swarm                Honeybee on Coreopsis 


Honey Bee Removal List by State
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