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by Ruhl Bee on 06/30/13

Remember to keep a good source of water near your hives.  The less time and energy the bees expend on gathering water, the more time they can spend on gathering nectar.  Make sure the water source has a landing are for the bees.  They often drown if they land directly on water.  A good option is the bird bath. The bowl shape allows the bees to walk down to the water.

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1. Stacy Benjamin said on 7/2/13 - 06:10PM
I have a bird bath I use to provide water for my beehive and it doesn't take long before it is growing algae in it and also has mosquito larvae. What do you recommend to prevent algae and mosquitos from colonizing the bird bath?
2. Ruhl Bee said on 7/13/13 - 05:20PM
For algae, we clean the bath regularly. Not sure hat to recommend for mosquito's. They like stagnant water, so regulary changing the water might help. Regardless, the bees will appreciate fresh water.

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