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Mediterranean herbs for late nectar flow

by Ruhl Bee on 07/31/13

Keeping a sustained nectar flow after the blackberry flow is not always easy in the Willamette Valley.  Another great mid-season forage plant for honeybees is the beautiful blue plant, borage (third right).  Plant as much in your bee yard as you can.This Mediterranean herb, along with many others, blossoms comfortably after the blackberry nectar flow, and is a favorite  in our bee yards. It is a great addition to any bee garden.  And while we are talking about blue blossoms of Mediterranean plants that the bees love, we could hardly skip lavender (fourth right). This Mediterranean herb is a big hit with bees. In fact, in our bee yards, the bumblebees seem to dominate the lavender. You can get varieties that bloom at different times to stretch out the nectar flow.  Ask your local nursery about this for your region.

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