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​Trifecta Beekeeping Event - Hood River, OR

Sunday May 20, 2018 @ the Best Western PLUS Hood River Inn in Hood River, OR

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Thomas D Seeley, Dr. Andony Melathopoulos, and Alison McAfee

Honey Production
Bees & Agriculture
Honey Bee Hygenics
& much more

Early Bird Pricing ($85.69) now through March 31st. After April 1st, moves to the regular price of $95.88

Also join us Saturday, May 19th, as our Guest Speakers conduct 'in-hive' presentations. Limited seating available. $49.37 per person.Reserve your seat at the pre-event now.

The Best Western PLUS Hood River Inn is offering a discount rate for the event. When making your reservations, please specify the code “BGBees”.

Dr. Thomas D Seeley: Biologist and writer, is a professor in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University. He teaches courses on animal behavior and does research on the behavior, social life, and ecology of honey bees. Tom is an avid beekeeper and began keeping bees while a high school student, when he shook a swarm into a box and brought it home. His scientific work is summarized in four books: Honeybee Ecology (1985), The Wisdom of the Hive (1995), Honeybee Democracy (2010), and Following the Wild Bees (2016).

Dr. Andony Melathopulos: An Assistant Professor of Pollinator Health Extension in the Department of Horticulture at Oregon State University. His work at OSU comes out of a mandate from the Oregon Legislature to create a state-wide pollinator safety and outreach program. Prior to coming to OSU, he was a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Biology at the University of Calgary working with Shelley Hoover and Ralph Cartar on canola pollination. He holds an Interdisciplinary PhD from Dalhousie University (2015) and a Master of Pest Management from Simon Fraser University (1999). Formerly he worked as the chief technician in Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Apiculture Research program (2000-2012).

Alison McAfee: A Ph.D. in Dr. Leonard Foster’s Laboratory studying the mechanisms of hygienic behavior in honey bees. Using RNAi to probe the functions of several proteins that are tightly correlated with the behavior, including odorant binding proteins and others involved in neuron signal transduction in the antennae. Using mass spectrometry as a tool for protein quantification by parallel reaction monitoring.
Trifecta Beekeeping Event