Ruhl Bee Supply

Class: Beekeeping Basics
Are you interested in keeping bees Spring 2015? Now's the time to start your adventure. This very popular class is an excellent  introduction to beekeeping. This 4-hour class will cover these essential topics:

  • Equipment (Including a brief summary of alternative designs, such as Warre and Kenya Top Bar, but focusing upon Langstroth)

  • Basic Bee Biology

  • The Beekeeper's Calendar (starting with installing your bees in spring)

  • Hive Manipulation Techniques

This lecture class is to be presented at the Ruhl Bee Supply store. No protective gear is required. Bring a snack, as we'll have a 15-minute break, and plan to stick around for an extended Q&A session.

​No Basic Beekeeping Classes scheduled right now.  We will start classes up again in September 2015. 
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Ruhl Bee Supply
a proud division of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
Class: Mead Making
Beginners mead making class. We will go over the equipment used, types of honey and yeasts. We will also walk through the steps to make your own.

Bring samples of your own, if you have any, to share at the end of class. And to add to the fun, you'll get to sample some of Andrew's favorite mead varieties! 

Date/Time: Saturday June 13th @ 2:30 pm 
Location: Ruhl Bee Supply
Cost: $35/person