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Dont disturb newly installed package bees.

by Ruhl Bee on 04/09/13

Once your packages are installed in your hive, don't disturb the bees for at least seven days.  Disturbing the hive during this period can increase the chance of queen rejection.  You can check your feeders, but do it carefully. 

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1. Daniel said on 4/17/13 - 07:07AM
After 1 week, I checked to make sure that the queen was out of the cage. Otherwise, I did not disturb the hive. The cage was empty and some drawn comb was present. The bees seem to be doing great, eating both the sugar syrup and protein patty. There is a lot of activity outside the hive as well. At what point should I remove any frames to confirm that brood production is underway? Thanks!
2. Ruhl Bee said on 4/18/13 - 01:48PM
Sounds as if the hive is doing well. You could inspect now. But if they are showing good hive-entrance activity, with plenty of pollen coming in, you can probably afford to wait a few more days. At this early stage, minimal disruption is better. Further, waiting a bit will provide more information when you do inspect the frames.

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