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Crucial:Feed Package Bees

by Ruhl Bee on 04/14/13

In this cool, rainy weather, your package bees cannot get out much.  They rely on what you feed them. It is crucial you feed them in this kind of weather. They will quickly starve without food.  Even in the warmer weather, you need to feed them until the nectar flow is strong enough, at which point they will stop taking your food in favor of natural forage. 

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1. Daniel said on 4/17/13 - 08:07AM
My hive is in Portland, near Grant High. I suspect that there is plenty of forage in this neighborhood, but would you recommend any supplements for package bees above and beyond sugar syrup and protein patties. Your store has Honeybee healthy, amino booster, and Bee Cleanse.
2. Ruhl Bee said on 4/18/13 - 01:28PM
Sugar syrup and pollen patty are fine. Honey B Healthy is a good feeding stimulant. Bees love the lemon grass in it. The pollen patties we supply already have Honey B Healthy in them. The pollen patty is a great source of amino acids, which is the primary ingredient in Amino B.

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