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A good spring at last

by Ruhl Bee on 05/04/13

Finally, after several poor years in the Willamette Valley, we are seeing a good spring for bees. If this weather keeps up, over-wintered hives should have a good honey yield, and first-year hives will at least build up a good store of food for winter. If you plan to use a queen excluder under your honey super, don't install it immediately.  When the hive is ready for honey-supering, add the super first. Then wait for a few days to allow the bees to start drawing out wax before installing the queen excluder.

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1. Stacy Benjamin said on 5/14/13 - 07:42PM
I'm wondering when to stop feeding my first year hive (package installed 4/6/13). We have lots of trailing blackberry, clover, and dandelion in our field and surrounding fields. Should I keep providing simply syrup and pollen patty or is it okay to stop feeding and let them forage naturally?
2. Ruhl Bee said on 5/14/13 - 09:04PM
One good way is to check the weight of the hive by lifting it by the back cup handle, thereby tilting the hive box forward. If it feels really heavy, your bees have plenty of stores for now. Check the hive weight regularly. It should be getting increasingly heavy for the next two or three months as the colony builds up its winter stores. Also, by now you should have your second hive box installed by now. This allows room for brood expansion and honey stores.

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